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3 Reasons to Choose an Implant Dentist Who Uses a Cone Beam Scanner

February 28, 2023

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CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Are you unsure as to who you want to replace your missing teeth? Selecting a professional who is skilled, highly trained, and can deliver long-lasting results is not something you should rush into. Instead, taking your time to do your research will prove more beneficial and reassuring in the long run. As you narrow your search, however, you might consider the kind of technology they use. Why? Because it can mean a more accurate and precise treatment plan or one that is simply “good enough.” As you continue to look for a team who is right for you, here are three reasons why you should choose an implant dentist with a cone beam scanner.

What is a Cone Beam Scanner?

A CT/Cone Beam Scanner is a unique innovation that many dentists and periodontists use in-house to create more accurate and precise treatment plans. Designed to capture hundreds of images with its 360-degree rotating arm, it combines the images to create a three-dimensional model that is used to help professionals with the pre-surgical process.

The details captured by a cone beam scanner are more in-depth than those caught with traditional X-rays. These images look at a person’s teeth, bone, nerve pathways, jawbone density, blood vessels, and other structures necessary to aid in the appropriate formation of a treatment plan.

This device is most commonly used when preparing a patient for dental implant placement, root canal therapy, bone grafting, TMJ diagnosis, and even complex, reconstructive procedures.

Why Find a Professional Who Uses a Cone Beam Scanner?

There are many reasons why selecting a periodontist who uses a cone beam scanner will prove beneficial, but in this article, we will share three to help you better understand the most crucial advantages:

  • Your periodontist can better identify how deep and at what angle each implant post needs to be beforehand. This is helpful to know in advance so that less time is spent trying to ensure the correct placement during the procedure.
  • Using a cone beam scanner ensures that your procedure will be less invasive while producing more predictive results. Because your periodontist can spend ample time reviewing the 3D model of your oral and facial structures, they can pinpoint the exact areas of placement so that you spend less time in the chair.
  • It is far more accurate than solely using digital X-rays because of the clearer, higher-resolution images. Instead of looking at just the teeth and gums, a cone beam scanner produces photos that help periodontists to see more intricate details. This is paramount, as they will need to avoid certain areas of your mouth when placing your dental implants.

Advanced dental technology is entering practices all over the United States. With the CT/Cone Beam Scanner, your upcoming implant placement can prove to be safer, more comfortable, and more reliable.

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