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Can Smoking Negatively Impact Dental Implants?

October 14, 2022

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a dentist explaining why smoking is not a good idea while wearing dental implants

Are you considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth? These superior prosthetics make it possible to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for 30 years or longer as long as you remain committed to taking care of your new teeth. However, certain bad habits (i.e., tobacco use) can make it much more difficult for this type of treatment to be successful. If you think smoking and dental implants are not a bad idea, a local periodontist is here to explain why you can be left paying a lot for an unsuccessful procedure.


Is It Painful to Undergo a Gum Graft?

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a digital image of a gum graft being perform on the lower arch of the mouth

Do you have receding gums because of your periodontal disease? Having teeth that appear longer than usual and living with increased sensitivity because of your exposed tooth structures can be embarrassing and painful. Fortunately, there is a solution that can minimize your symptoms and allow for a more beautiful smile – a gum graft. But will this procedure hurt? How long will it take to recover? A periodontist explains what you can expect when preparing for this type of oral surgery and why there’s no reason to worry.


How Does Gum Disease Affect Facial Shape?

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 10:24 am
an up-close look at a person pulling their top lip up to expose their red, swollen gums

If you are living with gum disease, you probably already know that red, swollen, and bleeding gums come with the territory. While these symptoms can be reversed if caught in their early stages (gingivitis), they can worsen over time if left untreated. Should this happen, you will not only face increased inflammation, but you’ll also suffer bone and tooth loss, which can negatively impact your oral health and facial structure. If you’re wondering how bacteria that attack the soft oral tissues can change your appearance, a periodontist in Worcester explains.


Does a Tooth Extraction Eliminate Gum Disease?

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 10:17 am
receding gums

If you are dealing with advanced gum disease, you might be thinking the only way to effectively get rid of the inflammation, bleeding, and tenderness is to extract your teeth. After all, if there are no tooth structures for the bacteria and plaque to attack, the problem will simply go away, right? A periodontist is here to answer this question and many others while also sharing what they can do to improve the health of your smile.


Is It Possible for Receding Gums to Grow Back?

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 7:16 am
a digital image of a receding gum line

Have you recently noticed your teeth appear longer than usual? Do your gums look red or feel swollen? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are likely suffering from gum disease. When caught in its early stages (gingivitis), the symptoms are reversible; however, once it escalates, problems like gum recession may have you wondering, “will my gums grow back?” A periodontist in Worcester explains the unfortunate reality of advanced periodontal disease and what you can do to avoid it.


Is Gum Disease Genetic?

October 6, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 3:15 am
Blue illustration of DNA molecule under magnifying glass

Your oral health is a precious asset, and there is much you can do to protect your smile from gum disease in Worcester. However, the unfortunate truth is that some risk factors for this condition are beyond your control. Let’s talk about how your genetics can play a role in whether you develop gum disease. We’ll also touch on some things you can do to recognize the size of gum problems and prevent them from worsening.


Does Gum Grafting Hurt?

September 16, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 4:42 am
Illustration of gum graft being placed on exposed tooth root

If periodontitis has seriously damaged your gum tissue, it may have receded to the point where your tooth roots are exposed. In such instances, it is common for a periodontist to recommend gum graft surgery. The procedure might sound a little intimidating, but thankfully, it is more comfortable than most people anticipate. Let’s talk about what you can expect to feel during and after this type of gum disease therapy.


Pregnant? 4 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Gingivitis

August 14, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 9:14 pm
a pregnant woman

Pregnancy gingivitis is a real concern for women who are preparing to have a baby. The hormonal changes and nutrient deficiencies that can occur over nine months can often lead many women to develop swollen, bleeding gums. However, there are ways to minimize the risk. Here are four things you can do to keep your soft oral tissues healthy while waiting for your baby to arrive.


Can Exercise Help Prevent Gum Disease?

June 28, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 8:31 pm
man exercising

Are you wondering if there are things you can do to improve your oral health and minimize your risk for serious dental problems? The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to stave off any decay or diseases, but what you may not realize is that gum disease and exercise go hand-in-hand. How? Discover how moving your body and raising your heart rate can minimize your risk of developing an infection in your soft oral tissues.


My Dental Implant Feels Loose — What Should I Do?

June 16, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — worcesterimplants @ 4:47 am
Woman covering mouth, worried because her dental implant feels loose

Dental implants are the best way to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. They are sturdy, natural-looking, and long-lasting. They also boast an astonishing success rate of more than 95%. However, in rare cases, things can go wrong. Why might a dental implant feel loose? What should you do if you ever suspect that something is amiss with one of your implants? Let’s talk about the answers to those important questions.

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