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Patient Reviews

I have never had a better service experience at a medical office in my entire life. The staff is friendly, on time or even early, and straightforward with information. I would recommend Handsman & Haddad Periodontics to anyone.

J. Grant Auburn, MA

Was nervous when I was told I’d have to remove my cracked tooth and replace with an implant, but the staff were so kind and reassuring every step of the way. Dr. Handsman made sure I felt no pain and the procedure went smoothly. The office really walks you through everything and makes keeping your smile within budget.

C. St. Laurent Webster, MA

Having had to have gum grafting done at a young age, I was very nervous for the procedure. The staff was so friendly, kind and considerate during all of my visits. The office is well maintained and I highly recommend it!

N. Balderelli Whitinsville, MA

I highly recommend the office of Dr. Handsman & Haddad Periodontics to anyone needing periodontal work. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Handsman and his staff. They are experts in their field and make sure that you have the best experience while under their care. They are consultative and go the extra mile to ensure you understand the procedure you are about to undertake. The process went flawless and I've never been happier with results. Kudos to the team!

J. Correa, Shrewsbury, MA

I was referred to Handsman & Haddad Periodontics by my dentist. Excellent referral. Dr Jenny and staff were always professional and informative as to what the implant procedure was going to be. I'm very happy with the results and highly recommend Handsman & Haddad Periodontics.

K. Johnson, Millbury, MA

The exemplary level of surgical expertise and periodontal maintenance services that we have each been given made us confident that we came to the right office. Thanks to each of you for making our need for your services so pleasurable and pain free. More importantly, thank you for the oral health that we now enjoy again.”

Sharon A., Worcester, MA

Had an excellent experience recently from start to finish having an implant put it. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Handsman and his office. Super professional and friendly.

R. McMahon, Auburn, MA

Dr Handsman is a great periodontist and a really nice person to work with. The staff is warm and friendly, they do their jobs well.

T. Brosnihan, Leicester, MA

I am thrilled with my results! Dr. Handsman and his staff are the "goats”!

C. Innamorati, Sterling, MA

Dr. Handsman is an awesome dentist and his staff is exceptional.

S. Chaptozopoulos, Southbridge, MA

Dear Dr. Handsman + Staff:
I want to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful care I received this past year. Your knowledge, expertise, and patience made my dental journey possible.

Linda T. Rutland, Massachusetts

Dr. Handsman and his team (especially Jill) have been wonderful to me since I began my periodontal journey six years ago. The office environment has a great vibe, and the staff is caring, friendly, and professional.

Alison B. Grafton, Massachusetts

David and I want you to know how very pleased and thoroughly satisfied we are with the quality care we received from your office. The exemplary level of surgical expertise and periodontal maintenance services that we have each been given made us confident that we came to the right office. The entire staff made each of our visits truly enjoyable and the friends and family members that we have referred to you agree with us ! Thanks to each of you for making our need for your services so pleasurable and pain free. More importantly, thank you for the oral health that we now enjoy again.

Sharon A., Worcester

Dear Dr. Handsman:
Congratulations on being selected to team up with Dr. Haddad. I have been a patient of Dr. Haddad since 1978. He runs a tight ship which is evidenced by his extremely qualified hygienists who are courteous, friendly and very capable.

Dr. Haddad's work is nothing less than perfect and I believe he expects nothing less of his staff and associates. He is impeccable about himself as well as the appearance of his office which to me is a distinguishing characteristic. I wish you every success.

Ida D., Worcester

The people you trust your children’s oral health to is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Dr. Abraham Haddad was absolutely the right choice for our family and we couldn’t be happier! Our youngest daughter, Danielle has congenitally missing front teeth. She needed bone graphing before she could have the necessary implants. The surgery went very well and every appointment has been a great experience. The entire office is friendly and helpful. We have never endorsed anyone like this before, however we feel very strongly that Dr. Haddad deserves all the compliments we can give! Danielle was always his first concern. We appreciate all that he did for her----- especially every time she smiles!

Mary & Paul L. Dudley, Massachusetts

It gives me great pleasure to give this testimonial for Dr. Haddad, and his office professionals.

After years of orthodontic struggling and pain, I was relieved that my journey was almost over. I had been receiving specialized dental care since I was seven years old, because I was missing the two teeth on either side of my front teeth. Nine years later, I walked into Dr. Abraham Haddad’s office and was excited to be taking another step toward a full smile. From that first meeting in Dr. Haddad’s office I was treated with friendliness and kindness; although I was child, I was delightfully surprised to be treated with the same amount of respect that an adult might receive. Dr. Haddad, along with his professional staff, always made sure that I was comfortable and successfully managed any discomfort that I did experience. Additionally, they made every effort to accommodate my school schedule.

I needed bone grafting where my future implants would go. This surgery was explained completely and scheduled during a school vacation. Dr. Haddad and his assistant, Rachel were wonderful. He explained things and was constantly checking on me and my pain level. Meanwhile, the receptionist was keeping my mom apprised of how things were going, as well as offering support.

The procedure went great and I went home and rested. I did not experience any bleeding and some minimal discomfort and bruising. We received a call the next day from the office making sure I was okay. There were several follow up appointments which always went great and I really feel like a valued client and would highly recommend Dr. Haddad. Everyone and I mean everyone, in the office was excited for me and genuinely cared about me and wanted me to have that great smile that nature had not provided.

Thank you and best of luck with your dental experience.

Danielle L. Dudley, Massachusetts

Approximately 20 years ago I went for a consultation for dental implants and was told that I could never get them because my sinuses were too low. I am a woman in my 60s and have not had upper back teeth for 25 years.

With this in mind my biggest fear prior to meeting with Dr. Haddad was that he would tell me that even with all the new technology I still wouldn’t be a good candidate. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Dr. Haddad was honest, explained that it would be an expensive, long process but felt that I would be a good candidate with a good outcome.

It was a very long process for me. Due to severe bone loss and low sinuses I needed sinus lifts on both sides and multiple bone grafts in preparation for the implants. Dr. Haddad and his staff were truly wonderful, kind and caring through all the various procedures. Although I’m really not a brave person I opted to have the sinus lifts and bone grafts on both sides done at the same time and was so glad that I did I never felt the slightest amount of pain during any of the procedures. Since I had a tremendous amount of work done at one time there was some swelling and some discomfort after the sinus lifts and bone grafts, but it all subsided within a few days, and I never ever regretted doing any of this.

Although it was a long process I finally reached my goal. Recently, the dentist Dr. Haddad referred me to inserted 5 crowns. I haven’t stopped smiling since. What a good feeling to be able to smile with teeth showing. The best part of it all is to be able to chew food like everyone else. I still can’t believe it.

I would like anyone contemplating these procedures to know that the outcome is totally worth the investment of time and money, and that Dr. Haddad is really the very best.

Brenda Shrewsbury, Massachusetts