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Should Healthy Teeth Be Replaced by Dental Implants?

May 16, 2024

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Illustration of a dental implant in the jawbone

It’s normal to consider asking your periodontist about getting dental implants when a tooth is already missing. But believe it or not, some people nowadays are considering having the treatment done to replace teeth that are still in good shape. Is this ever a good idea? Your periodontist is here to explain more about dental implants and when they should be used.

What Makes Dental Implants Stand Out?

Dental implants are a step beyond traditional forms of tooth replacement. They don’t just replace the visible parts of your missing teeth; they can also act as new tooth roots. The sturdy implant posts can be surgically placed in the jaw, where they eventually fuse with the bone. This provides them with enhanced stability, and it gives them enough chewing power to handle most foods.

No matter how many teeth are missing, dental implants can potentially be used to replace them all. A strategic number of implant posts can be used to support a crown, a bridge, and a denture depending on the extent of your tooth loss.

Is Replacing Healthy Teeth with Dental Implants a Good Idea?

The fact of the matter is if you have a choice between keeping your natural teeth and having them replaced, the former is always the preferable option. While dental implants may have many advantages over traditional bridges and dentures, nothing will feel quite as comfortable or function quite as well as your natural teeth. As such, if your teeth are in perfectly good health, there is no reason to have them replaced with dental implants.

When is the Right Time to Replace Teeth with Dental Implants?

This isn’t a question that you have to figure out by yourself. Your trusted periodontist can evaluate the current state of your oral health to determine whether or not replacing your teeth is truly the right move. Circumstances where tooth removal and replacement might be warranted include:

  • Badly damaged teeth that can no longer be restored with fillings or crowns.
  • Severely infected teeth that can’t be saved even with a root canal.
  • Tooth roots that have become fractured.

The important thing to remember is that tooth extraction is a last resort. Sometimes a tooth may be damaged or infected, but it may still be possible to save it with the right form of treatment. You should only consider dental implants if your teeth have reached the point where salvaging them is no longer an option.

Of course, if you truly do need to have your teeth replaced, dental implants are definitely worth looking into. Call your periodontist today to schedule a consultation if you think dental implants could be the right choice for your smile.

About the Author

Dr. David Handsman went to the University of Tennessee for his Masters of Dental Surgery in periodontology. He is a well-respected periodontist who has helped many patients reclaim complete smiles over the years with the help of dental implants. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Handsman at Handsman & Haddad Periodontics in Worcester, visit his website or call (508) 753-5444.

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