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Your Periodontist in Worcester Discusses Pregnancy and Oral Health

March 3, 2018

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pregnant woman eatingCongratulations! We are so happy that you have a growing family! Here’s to nine months of good health and happy smiles. And to help you maintain your smile while you’re pregnant, your periodontist in Worcester would like to offer a few important tips. Your oral health may change while you’re expecting, and in fact you may be particularly susceptible to certain conditions. Read on to learn what you and we can do to help during this special time.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

As the months of pregnancy go by, your body changes—in ways that are obvious and others that are not. Your growing baby and hormones are largely responsible for these changes.

The same hormones that are needed to support a healthy pregnancy can also cause your gum tissue to swell. This can lead to a condition called pregnancy gingivitis.

If you notice that your gums bleed when your brush and floss, then you may need to see your periodontist in Worcester for a special cleaning.

If you are having an otherwise healthy pregnancy, then there is absolutely no reason not to schedule an appointment with your dentist or us.

Pregnancy Tumors

Although the name is rather frightening, pregnancy tumors are benign growths that some women develop. Once again, hormonal changes are the culprit.

According to the American Dental Association, pregnancy tumors occur most often during the second trimester. They look like tiny raspberries that form between teeth, and they can be removed if bothersome. However, they almost always disappear after delivery.

Morning Sickness

Whether it happens in the morning or at night, this side effect of being pregnant is never fun. It can also present a dental health problem, because acid from your stomach can be strong enough to erode tooth enamel.

If you vomit from morning sickness, resist the urge to brush your teeth immediately. This only spreads the stomach acid over a greater surface area on your teeth. Instead, we suggest rinsing with a baking soda and water solution. Mix about a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water to create a base that will neutralize stomach acid. Rinse, wait about 30 minutes and then you can brush your teeth.

Maintain Oral Health During Pregnancy

In addition to seeing your periodontist and dentist as necessary when you’re expecting, be sure to continue your daily oral hygiene routine at home. Brushing and flossing help remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup, which can eventually lead to gingivitis. Also, if your gums do swell, flossing can dislodge bits of food from tight spaces.

If there’s anything we can do to help you smile throughout your pregnancy, please don’t hesitate to call the office.


Meet the Doctors

Dr. Handsman and Dr. Jenny are periodontists in Worcester. Both are trained and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease through non-surgical and surgical treatments such as dental implants. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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